Chacaruna: (n) Literally, “bridge person”.  A chacaruna is the one who helps others to cross from one state of consciousness to other states of consciousness, from the mind to the heart, from the present to the past or to the future. A chacaruna is always exploring this reality to contact with the beauty and perfection of creation. (Inca Shamanic Glossary)

When I grow up, I want to be a bridge.

I will admit, a bridge is not the most conventional occupation for a twenty-something college graduate.  You won’t find many positions as a “bridge” at a career fair.  Most people find my aspirations as odd (or at the worst, as a euphemism for a sexual fetish), but to me, making a career choice to be a “bridge” makes perfect sense.

I don’t have a lot of things figured out in my life at the moment.  The divide between finding a sustainable career and shaping my identity has grown exponentially since I’ve finished school.  There have been only three constants to the ever tumultuous sea of my post-graduate life: cooking, crafting, and building bridges to connect others in meaningful ways.  This blog is a compilation of all three of these things.




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