Mickey Christmas Wreath

Since I’m currently living 400 miles away from Disneyland, I decided to add a few Disney themed Christmas decorations to my new home to keep my holiday spirits high!  The Mickey ornaments were super easy to put together, and the whole wreath cost me less than $10 to make!  I picked up everything I needed at Michaels (right now is the perfect time because all of the Christmas decorations are on clearance).  This is a simple and thrifty DIY for all the Disney-lovers who can’t be at Disneyland this holiday season!

Mickey Christmas Wreath


Medium sized wreath

6 shatterproof large sized ornaments

12 shatterproof small sized ornaments (matching in color or design to the large sized ornaments)

Accent ornaments


Hot glue gun

Sharp, serrated paring knife


To make the Mickey shaped ornament:

1. Measure about 1.5 cm down from the neck of the large sized shatterproof ornament.  Using the serrated paring knife, carefully drill a hole on the mark using a circular motion.  You don’t need to apply too much pressure as the serrated edge of the knife will help whittle a larger and larger hole.

2. Continue to widen the hole until it is about 2 cm in diameter (or until the hole is large enough to stick the neck of the small sized shatterproof ornament through).  Repeat on the other side directly in line with the first hole.

3. Insert the neck of the small sized ornament through the hole.  Secure with hot glue and hold in place until dry.  Repeat with other side.

Assembling your wreath:

Wreath making is very organic, and you just have to play around with what looks good to you and your taste.  I don’t have a concrete set of steps for what I do, but I generally follow this formula:

1. I first start with the main focus of my wreath (in this case my Mickey ornaments).  I arrange the ornaments how I like and secure them to the wreath by pushing the branches through the ornament hooks.

2. Next I take any foliage (flowers, twigs, berries, pinecones, etc.) and add them to the arrangement.  I tend to add foliage in opposite corners of the wreath because I like the semi-unbalanced symmetry they give.  I either hot glue these pieces onto the wreath itself, or wrap the stems around the wire frame of the wreath to secure the pieces in place.

3. I then take my accent ornaments and fill in the rest of the spaces until I’m satisfied with the look of the wreath.

I used all silver ornaments in this particular wreath and decided to leave out the red and green swirled ornaments I purchased because I wanted the Mickey ornaments to stand out more.  I hot glued the silver baubles onto the wreath.  For the smaller silver ornaments, I pushed the branches through the ornament hooks because I wanted them to hang rather than be stuck to the wreath.

And here is the finished product (complete with my mini Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsums)!


Happy Holidays!


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