Gung Hay Fat Choy: Pork Dumplings & Celebrating Chinese New Year as an ABC(&J)

I am an ABC.  (American Born Chinese)

Well, technically I am an ABC&J (American Born Chinese & Japanese).  Like many ABC(&J)s of my generation, I have been divorced from many of the traditional customs of my parents and grandparents.  Despite my embarrassing inability to speak my grandparents’ native tongues and my sparse knowledge of their cultural decorum, I have always felt a strong connection to my heritage.

Or maybe just to the food in particular…

I recognize and observe cultural holidays, events, and seasons almost exclusively by the food my family eats; long life noodles on birthdays, cold soba during summer, osechi for New Year, mooncakes during fall, and dumplings for Chinese New Year.  Food is an amazing and versatile instrument for both cultural exploration and anchoring oneself in cultural identity.  If “you are what you eat”, then what better way is there to celebrate and honor your heritage than eating?

Pork Dumpling Recipe


  • Pork Sausage (I usually use Johnsonville Origianl Recipe Breakfast Sausage Patties)
  • Canned water chestnuts (sliced)
  • Canned button mushrooms
  • Soy Sauce
  • Pepper
  • Shrimp, sliced (optional)
  • Wonton wrappers
  • Cold water (for assembly and boiling)


  1. Dice water chestnuts and button mushrooms finely.
  2. Mix pork sausage and shrimp (optional) with diced water chestnuts and mushrooms by hand
  3. Add soy sauce and pepper to taste
  4. Assemble dumplings as shown below
  5. Boil the prepared dumplings, just until the wonton skins turn opaque white.  Dumplings will float to the surface of the water once fully cooked.  Do not overboil!
  6. Serve dumpling in a clear chicken stock or your choice of soup broth.


Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Photo credit goes to my lovely boyfriend, who puts up with much more of my ridiculousness than should be allowed.


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